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Post office shipping.

As Cavan stated in his post, the post office has been very poor in their 
shipping as of late.  I lost one package and the second I sent out last 
Tuesday and still hasn't been recieved by Cavan.  Needless to say, I 
wouldn't trust the post office to ship live fish for me if this is their 
track record.  Anyways, I shipped out the stuff UPS and will see if they do 
any better.

One note, if the  stuff you're shipping is expensive (fish or plants), and 
you insist on shipping through the post office, then pay for some insurance. 
  This way if things come in dead or really bad shape, they (USPS) are 
responsible and not you.

Good luck,
Bailin Shaw

>Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 07:05:58 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Cavan <millsman7 at yahoo_com>
>Subject: Postal Service Disasters
>I have used the US postal "service" for several trades
>in the past, but I doubt I ever will again.  After the
>first couple trades I did went through without
>incident, some problems have cropped up recently.
>I sent Larry Lampert some plants on a Monday
>("priority" mail), and it took five days for them to
>get to him.  Bailin Shaw sent me some tenellus awhile
>ago, and the package came back to him almost a week
>later (I think) punctured and smashed.  He sent me
>more last Tuesday (priority mail), and I'm hoping it
>comes today, a full week later.
>I'm going to look into UPS or something.  No sense in
>taking risks.  NO WAY would I ever trust fish to the
>postal service.  Ever.  I'm pretty mad about their
>failures on both ends of my trades, and I encourage
>everyone else to look into alternatives.
>Later, Cavan        in Pittsburgh

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