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Re: Mailing Fish

>My question is, where did you find these 60 hour heat packs? (What are 
>they?) I will soon be sending some fish and (first time sending fish), I'm 
>having some angst over the cold snap we're having. 

Here is some info from my IBC Betta fish list that may help:

The website for 35 and 60 hr + heat packs to ship bettas is: 
Prices are:
Box with 20 units of 35+ hrs = $20
Box with 10 units of 60+ hrs = $20
There is a one time shipping and handling charge of $5 per order 
regardless of amount of boxes.
If you order in bulk,
1 box of 240 units of 35+ = $144.00 (.60c/unit)
1 box of 120 units of 60+ = $138.00 ($1.15/unit)
Mention the word "Betta" under Special Shipping instructions.
You can order on web site with credit card or call them.

William Beckerman
Cornelius, NC