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Re: Mailing fish

Erik wrote:

>This doesn't really have to do with planted tanks, but these are fish that
>in them! I need to mail some fish to my friend who lives in El Paso, Tx(i 
>live in San Antonio).  I heard that you cannot mail fish Priority mail. Why 
>not? It's only 2 days and I have 60 hour heat packs. This is my first time 
>mailing fish. I mailed snails before with Priority mail.

You CAN do it.  However, you should plan on the shipment taking 2-3days.
There are a few tricks I've learned from fellow listers that work for me:

1.  Amquel:  1 drop per 50ml of water.
2.  Pack the fish at a low population density per bag.
3.  Pack the bag so it does'nt "flop around"
4.  Pack the bag so at least one major section allows air to dissolve
through plastic into the water.
6.  I'm now adding 2 drops of Maracide (freshwater) to the bag.

I started shipping Florida Flag Fish (Jordanella floridae) or FFF  aka
American Flag Fish this Summer so I don't use heat packs ...YET!  But I'm
watching the weather, especially at destination states.

Florida Flagfish for Hairalgae Elimination: