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Whadda Sale !

I`ve got to be the cheapest guy in the world. I love a good deal . Pet 
Warehouse had their yearly sale today .They had twin light sets 48" for 
$10 apiece . Also the Spider type reflectors , 32" at $10 also . I can`t 
even go into all the stuff I got today but let me brag on the highlights 
1. Amano Style regulator $10...regularly $175.00
2. Eheim 2228 $14...needed an impeller which they had in a parts bin for 
3. Digital Thermometer controller   $15.00
4. Co2 diffuser    $10.00....usually $49.95
5. KATI & ATI ion purifiers   $25.00 for both
6. Nitrator Maxi  $10.00

 Well this gives you an idea of the price breaks . Of all the goodies I 
got the wholesale price of $678.00 for only $74.00 . A lot of this stuff 
I don`t know what the heck I`ll do with it , but I just couldn`t pass it 
up . I got there the second day and missed most of the good stuff . They 
had 3 Kent Ro units the day before for $50.00 apiece...those I could`ve 
put to use . I`ve been like a kid at Christmas time , so my wife says . 
Yesterday also had VHO bulbs
...the 48" ones were $1.00 apiece and anything less in length was  $.50 
each . They said three guys bought about 50 of them themselves . Oh well 
, snooze ya lose ! Shop around guys , the deals are out there , 
especially if you don`t particallary need the stuff at the time .