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Re: Night Time Aeration

I was told by a mail order fish place that a ph of
7.0 coming out of your tap water vs. a ph of 7.0
that was lowered with co2 injection was not the same.
He told me that their water was 7.6 which is the same 
as mine except mine is lowered to 6.8 through co2
injection. They said that does not effect the fish
the same way as two different ph's out of tap water.
Is this true? 

The reason I ask is, if I turn off my ph controller at
night and start aeration, my ph would end up at 7.6 to
7.8 and then down to 6.8 in the morning when the controller
turns back on. Does anybody think this will effect the fish.

Also, if I buy a dissolved oxygen test kit, what are the ideal
levels I should shoot for at night and in the morning.


Mark Robinson