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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #594

>Since the plants will saturate the water with O2 during the day if you
>have bright lights, I really doubt that the oxygen will be depleted
>overnight enough to stress the plants.  It might be something worth
>obsessing over when you have *everything* else set up perfectly.
>That $1
>Best regards,

One might consider that O2 is released by photosynthesis and CO2 used in
respiration.  If the plant is growing there's photosynthesis going on that
isn't balanced by respiration.  In the absence of diffusion, the plants
won't be using all the O2 they put into the water during the day.  Of
course, gasses are diffusing in and out, so some of that excess O2 is lost.
ALso, the diurnal fish are less active at night, and thus respiring less.


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