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Re: Lighting a 10 gallon

> Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2000 00:51:51 EDT
> From: ErikJW2000 at aol_com
> I was wondering, if you have enough light, does it really matter with the 
> temp (k) of the bulb is? Can you use 3000k bulbs if there is maybe 4-5 watts 
> per gal?

I use 3000K deluxe lamps (GE F32T8/SPX30) for growing seedlings and tropical plants, and the plants love them.  The lights will look yellow if you use them on an aquarium and you won't like them.  I'm using 4100K lamps on my aquariums right now and the yellow color is really not that bad, but 5000K would look a lot better.  I think the 3000K or 3500K lamps would suck on an aquarium, but your plants should be happy with them.  You might want to mix one 3000K lamp with several 5000K lamps to enhance the red spectrum, but a "grow lite" might be a better choice for this.

BTW, one (or two) 36W 16.5" compact fluorescent lamps fit really nicely on a 10 gallon.

Best regards,