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Re: Tap water conditioners

Bob Dixon wrote 
<<Okay, now here's a quandry- We do water changes to reduce nitrate levels.
  But if we have chloramine in our water, and we use it for water changes,
we  are re-introducing ammonia, which is converted by the filter bacteria
to  nitrates.  Amquel doesn't really "remove" the ammonia, it simply binds
it and 
then releases it slowly.  How do we reduce the nitrates under this scenario?>>

If Amquel releases the ammonia slowly, there shouldn't be any problem --
the plants will take a good percentage of it up. Many folks have a Nitrogen
deficit and add nitrates. We are heavily stocked; even so our nitrate
buildup rate is very slow. I can't see this amount of ammonia being a
problem in a planted tank. If your nitrates are accumulating too fast, I
look to overfeeding, overstocking, too few plants or poor plant growth --
not chloramine in the water.


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