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Re: Heaters

Erik writes:

> Do I really have to use a heater for a planted tank?

Heaters are more about reaching and maintaining ideal temperatures for the 
fish than for the plants.

> I know most of you don't.

I think that's more of an assumption.  But if you think we aren't using them, 
why would you expect to tell you that you need to.

> I have a 55 and a 37 gal. Both with 150 watt heaters. I live in San 
>  Antonio, and it gets hot here. Highest temp in my house is 77, lowest is 
>  73(at night).

Sounds like a good temperature range for a lot of fish, and also most plants. 
 Just pick them well.

> Right now (noon central) the temp in my 37 is 78 with no  heater 
>  and room temp it's about 74. How could my tank be that hot when the room 
>  colder? The heater is unplugged. I have 4 20 watt lights over it. 

The heat from the lamps and ballasts may be enough to do that.

> Could the 
>  fish adjust to that temp everyday? The temp would probably raise and lower 
>  about 3 degrees. 

If they are fish normally comfortable in that range, yes.  Discus-no.  
Angels, probably not.

Bob Dixon