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Pumice Substrates ( Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #589 )

    I know that a lot of substances we put down in our substrates for our 
plants aren't necessarily in the right form, or chelated. But under 
reducing/Anaerobic  conditions do you think that would free up some 
nutrients? I'm thinking initially it would make sense, yes. What size pumice 
stones are we talking about here? 1" 1/8" ? I would think that even smaller 
pieces like the 1-5 mm pieces would be a good size? 

    What do you think about the iron content in pumice, there is black and 
red forms of pumice, and probably every shade inbetween. New Volcanic islands 
are packed with nutrients, I'm thinking that some sort of erosion/weathering 
could break the island up enough that it would unlock all the nutrients of 
the pumice?

    What about that person who mentioned that the dust from Mt. St. Helen 
being chock full of nutrients? I'm thinking next time using some ground up 
pumice, and other pumice pieces with a bag of humus/peat next time... hmm... 
and some hawaiian black sand... yeah... :-)
    Lemme know what you think, experiences, thanks Bill