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Re: Lighting (getting very frustrated)

> From: Jared Weinberger <jweinberger at knology_net> 
> Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2000 10:48:01 -0400 
> zxcvbob wrote re PC bulbs <<The 40W lamps are cheaper than the 55W
> equivalents and they last longer.>>
> In reply to my question about the lifespan of PC bulbs, Ivo Busko wrote the
> List
> <<Presuming that the manufacturer's claims are correct, that is, a typical
> PC fluorescent looses no more than 10% of its (design) light output during
> its rated life, you probably could keep  the PCs running for at least two
> years before thinking in changing them.>>
> Bob, what lifespans are you getting with your 40 and 55 Watt PCs?

The manufacturers' ratings are 20000 hours for 40W, 12000 hours for
36W, 16000 hours (?) for 50W lamps, and I don't know what the 55W and
96W lamps are rated. I would assume they are comparable to the 50W's.

I have a 40W compact fluorescent lamp on an electronic ballast that
has a ballast factor of 1.1 when only one lamp is connected and a bf
of .95 with two lamps.  It has been going strong for almost 2 years. 
I also have a 36W lamp on a F40T12 magnetic ballast on my 10 gallon
tank, and it has been going for about a year.  The 36W is slow to
start with this ballast, but eventually it always come on.  These are
both 4100K commercial lighting lamps; I need to order some 5000K or
5400K lamps for replacements.  I have no experience with 55W lamps.

Best regards,