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Re: Tap Water Conditioners

I said:

>> For planted aquaria, its the chlorine component of chloramine that we
>> really need to worry about.  A REALLY high quality activated carbon
>> cartridge live the Ametek will strip the chlorine and much of the ammonia
>> that's along for the ride.


>No, actually, as the I mentioned once, the engineer I spoke to said that
>standard carbon filtration cartridges would not strip all the chlorine from
>the chloramine.   That's why they make another cartridge, specifically
>to do that.  That cartridge uses something they call "catalytic carbon".

My reply:

I'll reprint what I said in an earlier post; your "experience" opon which
you based your somewhat general article comes from a chat with an engineer
from AMETEK who probably has no clue how planted aquaria works and
understated the CBR2-10R filter's capablilities (a wise move; he doesnt
know you, and was probably unwilling to assume possible liability on a
specific application the company is unfamiliar with). 


>Just because you've been lucky that it works for you, you shouldn't be so
>willing to risk other people's tanks with bad advice.

My Reply:

Search the archives for "AMETEK" and you'll find I've been at it with this
filter for quite some time.  If I advocate a  position such as this one, it
is based on repeated personal experience.  The archives are replete w/
examples of device and chemical applications that experienced aquarists
have applied to their aquaruims that leave manufacturers scratching their
heads b/c they would have never thought of it themselves.  It is our
repeated experience that guides us.

Remember, Cl- and ammonia NH3+ are only loosly associated in an ionic bond
when dissolved in water.  The fact that my chloramine treated tap  water
tests negative for Chlorine and ammonia after it passes through the filter
can only be attributed IMHO, to the filter binding the chlorine component.
The ammonia is still attracted to the chlorine, hence much of it is left in
the filter as well.

I will concede that it is likely that some ammonia does get through.
However, its concentration is not high enough to harm fish and whatever
there is is quickly absorbed by the plants and nitrifying bacteria.  It is
the chlorine that is by far the more deadly component. 
 The Filter:  http://www.shopibs.com/kx.htm

You may chose to characterize my avice that the AMETEK CBR2-10R and  KX PB1
cartridges are excellent tools for detoxifying tap water for planted
aquaria as "bad" but this is a gross over-statement.  My advice is based on
YEARS of hard-core experience with these water filters on a FRIGHTENING
array of planted aquaria.  I am the one who can't afford to risk hundreds
of plants and  fish on a risky water filtration scheme, so lose the "luck"
Hey; Don't knock it if you haven't tried it ....and you HAVEN'T tried it.

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