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re: DIY Hood questions

> From: "Hee Meng, Poh" <hmpoh at ncs_com.sg> 
> Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 12:33:54 +0800 
> How much shld I be expected to pay for 9mm thick plywood pieces to construct
> a small hood to run 2 x 11w compact fluorescents on a 10 gallon?
> Reason for asking being I was quoted S$21 and S$35 by two
> different timber merchants and I thought it was expensive for
> a wooden box measuring 30cm x 12cm x 5cm  (LxDxH). I
> wish vendors like HomeDepot and AH Supply...
> In the end, I constructed the hood out of PVC gutter. Will
> this be a fire hazzard?

I don't think the PVC gutter will be a fire hazard.  How hot does it
get?  I am using PVC sewer pipe, cut in half lengthwise, without any
trouble.  Eventually I will build a wooden hood so it will (hopefully)
look better.

Instead of using plywood, have you considered using lumber and having it
planed down to 1/2 inch thick?  It might be a lot cheaper and more
stable in the moist environment.

Best regards,