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Re: Blunders

Thomas Barr writes:

> Well the customer now doesn't/isn't going to pay for my labor cost(2 full
>  days worth) since it has algae on the front glass:) "It wasn't done
>  correctly and shouldn't have algae all over the glass". They had a few 
>  *experts* come over to look at it and they mess the pH up. These where
>  saltwater maintenance folks who I know. They don't know beans about 
>  They also went out and bought a ton of terrarium plants that melted and 
>  quickly and a bunch of fish that also died(the day after I finished adding
>  water). It

It may sound piciune, but as soon as the customer even so much as opened the 
lid without your saying it was ready, they are liable for the results.  I 
recommend small claims court to recover, or a report to the credit report 
organizations.  If they value their credit, they'll cough it up.  Usually, 
though, a concise letter from your lawyer, explaining why it is their fault, 
and that you are detirmined to collect will do the trick.  And don't worry 
about your reputation.  The only word you will get from these guys is bad 
words anyway.

Bob Dixon