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Re: glass

Just wanted to post that AGA uses 3/16" glass on  their versatop hoods and
you can only get 1/4" and 1/8" glass here in the US at retailers.
 The aquarium manufacturers use the special sized glass so you can not
duplicate their products for less money from your local hardware store. I
managed a hardware store and had looked into it at one time.

I took my original AGA tops for my bowfront 72 gallon to the local glass
dealer and had 2 one-piece tops(no hinge) made. They work fine, let the
light shine unobstructed and I reused the original handles to make removal
easy. They were made out of 1/4" plate and are sturdy enough that my cat
sleeps on them. They make coffe tables and such out of 1/4" plate.


>If you already have the hinged glass covers, you may be able to simply
>glass of the right thickness to fit, effectively creating a Perfecto-style
>glass tank cover that suits your particular lighting requirements. Almost
>any hardware store (if they have glass of the appropriate thickness) should
>be more than happy to cut glass for you to fit your dimensions.