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Re: Lighting (getting very frustrated)


You've got it. Take the innards out of those strips and put them in a nice 
box with some kind of reflector. Why waste the things? My only problem was 
with all those plugs. I plug my lighting into a power strip for a computer 
and that into a timer and THAT finally into the wall.

The strips I got with my used tank were in very bad shape because of the UV 
light messing up the plastic. I am using them but it is probably not a good 

I made my hood from 3/8" plywood. It gave me more flexibility in size and 
maybe lighter? Then I painted the stand and the hood the same color, medium 
blue/gray over light blue using a crackle technique. Probably I should have 
stained both, remember the tank will be predominately green tones. Sure 
looks better than those strip lights whether the colors are 'perfect' or 

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