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Re: AH Supply retrofits

Dave wrote:

> But you might want to consider what might have 
>  prompted a person who generally has a very good rep to be so mean to you.
I don't think I remember saying he was *mean* to me. Overall, I just don't 
think he's particularly helpful if you don't know precisely what you want or 
need. I got more information calling customer service at Pets Warehouse to 
inquire about particulars of a product, than I did from him. Considering the 
employees at Pets Warehouse wouldn't get paid a dime more if I bought a 
product or not, I think it doesn't say much for him or his business 
approach--since he benefits directly from every sale.

I read over the website. From my perspective, the term *retrofit*, combined 
with a picture showing a *retrofitted* strip light, along with the dimensions 
given there gave me the impression it ought to fit, somehow.

It's not like I harrassed the guy or anything. What is it you think I ought 
to consider?