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Re: Blunders

Oh, I got lots of blunders and more blunders and even more:)
I'm lucky that I am still alive I often think to myself:)
> Just trying to point out blunders some of
> us make along the way .  . .

I'm very good at blunders actually.

Remember the 360 Gallon that I recently did?
Well the customer now doesn't/isn't going to pay for my labor cost(2 full
days worth) since it has algae on the front glass:) "It wasn't done
correctly and shouldn't have algae all over the glass". They had a few other
*experts* come over to look at it and they mess the pH up. These where
saltwater maintenance folks who I know. They don't know beans about plants:)
They also went out and bought a ton of terrarium plants that melted and died
quickly and a bunch of fish that also died(the day after I finished adding
water). It's too bad since it would have been a awesome tank and quite easy
to take care of if they had followed directions and been somewhat reasonable
and patient. I was careful to explain this prior. They told me that they
cannot "wait by the phone, waiting for me to call back but never did".
Strange though, since I told them explicitly that I would be gone for 10
days. They were, as I call them : Meddlers.
I warned them to be patient but as soon as I left they went and got fish and
plants that would die and so on......someone is brought in and messes the pH
up etc.
I leave for a 10 days and it is all screwed up.

Amano mentioned about setting up a tank too fast and that he shouldn't have
agreed to it. I toast to him on this one:) Customers often want someone to
blame or some method of not paying/or haggling over the money. Often they
assume that it is easy as pie and that the guy doing the work is the
problem. I bet he has many a story like mine too.
I hope they have good luck with the next poor fellow
Not an account that folks would want:)

I'll trade you blunders Sylvia:)
Lighting is easy compared to dealing with wealthy dolts.

Tom Barr                          blundering along