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Lighting (getting very frustrated)

>  Sounds like you bought a tank/glass cover/light strip combo. You aren't
>  happy with the amount of light put out by the light strip and it seems
>  that particular strip light might not be sized correctly to easily
>  accomodate one of the AH Supply kits.

>>Precisely. In fact I bought several. And stocked up on quite a few, not
>>inexpensive, 20 and 40 watt flourescents.

O.K. - now how many tanks/lights are you talking about? Do you have one tank
with problem or a half dozen? Do you have one or more of those god-awful
strip lights for each tank? What wattage/type of bulb is IN each strip light
and what kind of relector is in each strip light (I'm unfamiliar with the
unit you have, so if you want help you are going to have to give specifics,
not just vent frustration).

>>So, you're suggesting I remove the stuff from the strip lights, and use it
>>a planter? Good use of the emptied strip light, but rather expensive and
>>planters, btw.

Let's be practical here..... if you are unhappy with the performance of the
units NOW and can't find a retrofit kit which will physically fit into the
emptied out shell, they are garbage..... you _might_ be able to put several
of the stip lights over an individual tank (depending upon how many you
have) to solve the lighting problem for _some_ tanks (if you have several).

I think perhaps you are also worried about re-using the glass coverplate
(you either want to or think that you have to). Unless your fish are jumpers
or you are worried about excess evaporation, a cover glass is not essential.

As to possible re-use of the "guts" of the light strips, I hardly think that
it would be worth it - most cheap strip lights use cheap components. You may
be able to re-use the bulbs and the ballasts but the connectors and clips
are sure to be "re-cycle only". Especially if the destination for this
equipment is in a living area - you do want it to look good if it is.

>>Basically, my problem has to do with my limited budget. So, I'm trying to
>>avoid further mistakes and wasting even more money. I'm gonna be kicking
>>myself for a for investing in these expensive window planters.

Nobody likes discovering after the fact that something they have bought
can't deliver on your expectations. I've been there, done that, suffered the
consequences. That's one of the reasons why I research everything so
throughly now before I spend my money. It isn't good enough to me for
someone to say "this isn't rocket science". Unless I can look under the
hood, kick the tires, and look at understandable specifications, forget it.
Sometimes however, it is necessary for all of us to swallow our pride and
shell out again.

IF you have to re-do the lighting for multiple tanks, and are unable to use
the stip-lights that you have, I STILL say that inexpensive DIY wooden hoods
+ AH Supply Bright Kits are the most cost effective and plant friendly
things available.

James Purchase