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Re: Lighting (getting very frustrated)

James wrote:

>  Sounds like you bought a tank/glass cover/light strip combo. You aren't
>  happy with the amount of light put out by the light strip and it seems like
>  that particular strip light might not be sized correctly to easily
>  accomodate one of the AH Supply kits.

Precisely. In fact I bought several. And stocked up on quite a few, not 
inexpensive, 20 and 40 watt flourescents.
>  No big deal (really!).

(except for the cost factor)

> The answer is simple....... ditch the strip
>  lights.....rip the guts out of 'em, turn them upside down, fill with 
>  soil and presto, you have a planter box for your window sill!

>  It is a VERY simple DIY project to make a simple wooden hood which will
>  accept the AH Supply kits. The AH Supply web site even has project plans,
>  but all you are really doing is making a low sided, open top box which is
>  going to be upturned and sized to fit onto your tank. As someone said to me
>  during the CO2 equipment thread, it isn't rocket science.

So, you're suggesting I remove the stuff from the strip lights, and use it as 
a planter? Good use of the emptied strip light, but rather expensive and ugly 
planters, btw. But, you're suggesting I start from square 1 with PCF's and 
I'm wondering if I can use what's inside those strip lights with some 
modifications. For example, on the 29 gal, would those 4 NO flourescents 
throw out significantly more light if they were not sitting in those cheap 
strip lights? I lack the experience to know this. I'd have to rig it up, 
possibly waste more money, before I came up with the answer. Or use some of 
the components in conjunction with pcf?

Basically, my problem has to do with my limited budget. So, I'm trying to 
avoid further mistakes and wasting even more money. I'm gonna be kicking 
myself for a for investing in these expensive window planters.

Sorry for mentioning the detergent. Just trying to point out blunders some of 
us make along the way .  . .