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Re: Lighting

Tom wrote:

>  JBJ makes a nice light and it has an open top plastic rail set up that is
>  quite nice(Azoo has a similar elevated plastic clips for their CP FL's hood
>  set ups) if you dislike glass hoods etc. They are quite cheap compared to
>  the other Companies mentioned and come in a 55 watt for the 29 gallon tank
>  or you can add 2x55 in the 29 and have them off set somewhat to spread the
>  light over an even area better.

Ivo posted a url for JBJ the other day and I checked it out.They seem to be a 
bit more expensive than the units that CSL, Perfecto, or Oceanic make. Had a 
hard time trying to price Azoo's products, what with the catalog not being in 

>  Look to what you first said at the start.,...go first class and get good
>  lighting from the start. This cost the most of any item folks will spend on
>  the tank for plants usually.

I meant that advice for anyone _starting up_. (I botched it from the get-go. 
I already spent my allowance on inadequate fixtures.) But you're absolutely 
right, and I wish I'd known this from the start. 

>  A light weight easy to remove nice box is not a hard item to make. Adding
>  the guts after is a snap also.

I've considering using the guts of my existing striplights and making a 
decent fixture with a better reflector. For example, if I used the 4 20 watts 
placed out evenly over the tank, with better reflector(s), would that be 
significantly better? Or would I be better off substituting a 55 w PCF for 
one of the double strips giving me 55 w and 2 20 NO, for example, on the 29. 
I really have no way of knowing how much lighting I am losing with these 
lousy strip *reflectors*. The only way to know is to try it, possibly waste 
more money trying to save $.