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Re: AH Supply retrofits

At 03:48 AM 10/4/00 -0400, Sylvia Biplane wrote:
>  Too bad Kim couldn't take the time to help me out. Whether he's got a 
> better product, I don't know, and I won't  find out.

First I should acknowledge that Kim is an advertiser of Planted Aquaria and 
thus a customer of mine.

I can't comment on Sylvia's experience with Kim because I wasn't there, but 
I can assure you, Sylvia, that *I* occasionally get repeated calls from 
someone who doesn't want to read the web page.  When I figure that out I 
sometimes get testy, depending on what else is pressing on me and how much 
the person on the phone is bringing to the table.  I don't know if it's 
what happened to you.  But you might want to consider what might have 
prompted a person who generally has a very good rep to be so mean to you.

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