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Re: Lighting

I'd like to mention, because I've gotten several mails suggesting otherwise, 
that it's not the problem of constructing the light that is problematic for 
me. Contrary to what my post may suggest, I'm not completely helpless. I took 
several courses in electronics in college. So I covered the bases, ac/dc 
wiring, digital devices. Okay, it was more years ago than I'd like to admit 
;-) But I'm not too worried about tackling a project. (Even though I never 
took Aquarium Lighting 101.)

I just wanted to add this because it appears from responses that I'm worried 
about putting the project together. To whom it may concern, I don't need/want 
the husband (if he were so inclined, he'd probably burn the house down) to 
build it. I just needed help in figuring out what I needed and how/where to 
put everything.