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Re: All-Glass Compact Flo's

Sylvia, I am not sure what you mean by pcf bulbs. If you go to GE's website you can compare them. http://WWW.GE.COM , it is a little
difficult to navigate, but persistance pays off.

The 2G11 base has 4 contacts(prongs) off of the base, which is smaller than other compact flourescents with 4 contacts I have seen.
Whether or not it can be used in the other fixtures I have no idea nor do I know if it would be safe to try.

Some of the info I have is from calling GE and asking, though they were not interested in diclosing any data about the bulb, since
it is technically not thier bulb. They only manufacture it for someone else.


>>Are you saying these fixtures will not accommodate regular pcf bulbs? >>This
>>certainly complicates the matter a bit, for me.


> They are 55 watt 'T' type bulbs from GE's BIAX-L series of lamps, with a
> base (two-Gee-eleven). They are not available to
>  general distribution in the US, probably not to anyone anywhere except All
> Glass, so anyone using these is stuck with buying from
>  All Glass at probably highly inflated profit margins.
>  However, GE does make a 50 watt version of the bulb with a 2G11 base, as
> well as lesser wattage's. I do not know if the
>  spectrum/temperature matches that put out by the 55 watt All Glass bulbs,
> but the 50 watt version is listed in their catalog as a
>  high output high spectrum bulb, so they may suffice if All Glass asks too
> high a price.
>  The description of the All Glass bulb is F55BX/AR/FS, I do not have a part
> number.
>  The description of GE's 50 watt bulb is F50BX/SPX41/RS, part number 20900.