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Re: All-Glass Compact Flo's

Are you saying these fixtures will not accommodate regular pcf bulbs? This 
certainly complicates the matter a bit, for me.


> They are 55 watt 'T' type bulbs from GE's BIAX-L series of lamps, with a 
> base (two-Gee-eleven). They are not available to
>  general distribution in the US, probably not to anyone anywhere except All 
> Glass, so anyone using these is stuck with buying from
>  All Glass at probably highly inflated profit margins.
>  However, GE does make a 50 watt version of the bulb with a 2G11 base, as 
> well as lesser wattage's. I do not know if the
>  spectrum/temperature matches that put out by the 55 watt All Glass bulbs, 
> but the 50 watt version is listed in their catalog as a
>  high output high spectrum bulb, so they may suffice if All Glass asks too 
> high a price.
>  The description of the All Glass bulb is F55BX/AR/FS, I do not have a part 
> number.
>  The description of GE's 50 watt bulb is F50BX/SPX41/RS, part number 20900.