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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #584

> Hi all, does anyone know the requirements for Hydrocotyle verticillata?
> Specifically does it prefer a nutritient rich substrate or does it get most
> nutrients from the water column?  Anything you can tell me is appreciated :)
> Al

Marin County, CA has acres and acres of the weed out in Point Reyes National
Seashore. The plant ecologist out there hates it, of course. It gets so big
Dave Gomberg refers to it as Dollarwort instead of the common name
pennywort. I think we have them get up to 5 inches across in diameter. In
all areas you will find it growing immersed with roots in dark rich sandy
soils trailing out into the water and also forming large fields in meadows
in damp fogged climates. Brazilian pennywort(H. leucocephala) is more to
most aquarist liking as is sibthorpioides which is somewhat like Cardamine.
Cooler weather seems to favor it(55-65F).

Do you have that image of the Dollarwort Dave?
Tom Barr