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Re: How long should a CO2 tank last? (kinda long)

Juan wrote:
> To mix the CO2 with the water, I use a wooden airstone which creates a fine
> mist.  It is placed in the bottom of the corner overflow filter.
> Right now I am consuming about 1.5 -2.0 lbs of CO2 per week--so my 20 lb
> tank last10-12 weeks.  So I am wondering "how many pounds a week of CO2

WOW!!! That's a lots of CO2 being wasted.    Just off-hand, I would have
expected a 20lb cylinder to last at least 12 months.  On my 75g, with a
pretty high amount of CO2 loss due to my trickle-filter, a 5lb cylinder
lasts 6 months. 

And if you are correct that you have no leaks, then we can probably safely assume
that most of the CO2 coming from the airstone is being lost.   You need to buy or
build an efficient CO2 reactor.   

You mention that your CO2 airstone is "in the bottom of the corner overflow
 filter".   What is a "corner overflow filter"?  

If you take a look on my website, I've got a simple DIY reactor design 
that will definitely boost your CO2 system efficiency.


Chuck Gadd