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re: chloramine

NH4Cl is ammonium chloride (Cl is negatively charged, but NH4 is positively
chloramine is a derivative of ammonia... NH2Cl rather than NH3 (ie one H replaced
with Cl)
hope that helps

> Chuck Gadd writes:
> > Dwight, what about the fact that that filter won't actually remove all of
> the
> >  chloramine?  It will remove some of the chlorine from the chloramine, and
> it
> >  won't remove any of the ammonia in the chloramine.
> As long as the subject has been mentioned, how does Choramine work, anyway?
> Chemically, I mean.  Both NH4 and Cl are negative ions, right?  So, how do
> they get chemically bonded to one another?  Inquiring minds want to know.
> Bob Dixon
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