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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #582

Dwight wrote:
> 1.  The filters DO remove chloramine; the conc of ammonia/um that gets
> through is not detectable with an aquarium test kit.

No, everything I saw, and everyone I talked to confirmed that an
activated carbon filter will not remove any of the ammonia.  

And as for chloramine removal, many of the filters, including the one
you use, make no specific mention of Chloramines.  Ametek makes a different
filter cartridge (not the one you use) that specifically claims to deal
with chloramine.   The engineer I spoke with at Plymouth Products specifically
stated that the filter you mentioned is just a "taste and odor" cartridge,
which removes SOME of the chlorine, and wouldn't be effective on chloramine
due to the ammonia-chlorine bond.

> 2.  I've been using it for years and on community aquariums and even after
> 3,000 gallons have passed through I still don't lose fish.  When you first

Power to you.   I'm not going to try to argue with that.  But past success
doesn't mean it's working the way you think.   Lots of people do water
changes without any dechlorination at all and have no problems.   

Chuck Gadd