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Re: Do we need RO?

>Dwight wrote:
>> > Very few hobbyists NEED a R/O unit. Those that do would have to
>> I agree with this.  I've used the Ametek Tap water filter w/ a  CBR2-10R
>> cartridge for years to remove Chloramine from my aquarium water


>Dwight, what about the fact that that filter won't actually remove all of the
>chloramine?  It will remove some of the chlorine from the chloramine, and it
>won't remove any of the ammonia in the chloramine.
>For anyone else who hasn't seen this discussion over on the usenet 
>groups, I've got an article on my website that is based on discussions
>with an engineer over at Plymouth Products, makers of the Ametek filters.

Ah, but I got an email that confirmed the essential facts we both already

1.  The filters DO remove chloramine; the conc of ammonia/um that gets
through is not detectable with an aquarium test kit.

2.  I've been using it for years and on community aquariums and even after
3,000 gallons have passed through I still don't lose fish.  When you first
expressed concern,  I gave it some thought & for a while pondered whether I
may have lost bushynose plecos to undetectable ammonia/um; till others
confirmed they lose bushynose after water changes fro R.O. units too.

Thus, the facts are the filters eliminate the chlorine and reduce the
ammonia/um to levels your common test kits can't detect.   Thus, since
undetectably low ammonia/um levels are always present in any tank, why
should I assume that the undetectably low ammounts of ammmonia/um that
might escape the CBR2-10R filter would  harm my fish?  Especially when I
have seen no evidence of this.

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