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Re: Subject: Rena-Flow 160 Impellers

  >Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2000 09:06:05 -0500
  >From: Rod Hanks <rhanks at benchbuilt_com>
  >Subject: Rena-Flow 160 Impellers
  >I have several Rena-Flow 160 submersible pumps.  They have
  >an easily removed impeller that is held in place magnetically.
  >The documentation that comes with the pump implies that the
  >impellers should be replaced occasionally to maintain full
  >pumping power.  Indeed, my pumps are flagging, but I can't
  >find the impellers anywhere not even on their website.
  >Does anyone know where these impellers are available?

Have you tried searching through Aquarium Pharmaceuticals' catalogue (the
one with the cartoon Doc Goldfish)?  Last time that I heard, and that was a
couple of years ago, AP has become RENA's US exclusive distributor.  BTW,
what is RENA's website?  Thanks.