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Re: Report on the ghetto blaster

Paul Krombholz wrote:

On September 9, I wrote:
..............I am also about to try another alternative, a 65 watt compact
fluorescent that comes as a unit with a very good looking built in
reflector for lighting the outside of your house.  I got it at Home Depot
for $29.00.  I plan to set it on a tank and put a box over it.  The
manufacturer, Lights of America (if I recall correctly) says it puts out
6,800 lumens.  That's a real ghetto blaster of a light.

I have tried it, and it is not much of a ghetto blaster.  In fact, it is
pretty wimpy.  I would not reccomend it for lighting tanks.  There are much
better alternatives.

I reply:

I wonder how they got away with this. There are rules and regulations for
how these things are measured and a lumen is a lumen is a lumen. I wonder if
the wording on the packaging said something about using a 6800 lumen lamp
rather than a fixture that puts out 6800 lumens. The former is quite
possible as it does not take into account the ballast factor or fixture
efficiency but the latter is pretty much impossible with todays technology.