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RE: Perfecto SHO lights

I have been using the Perfecto SHO lights for 19 months now. I have two 48"
double bulb fixtures on my 72 gallon bowfront tank. I run two 5400K and two
6700 K bulbs. The color is great. The lights are on a timer set for 12 hours
on per day. The only thing I have found is they are very warm so I put a
1/2" spacer under the lights to keep them off the top of the tank for
circulation. If anything the space allows the light to hit more of the tank
than if they sat directly on the tank. I have not had a problem with them ,
however there was a factory retrofit for a insulation problem that involved
new reflectors. I contacted Perfecto and they sent me two brand new lights
in exchange for my originals. This occurred when the lights were 2 months
old. So in the fact the replacements have been in continuous service now for
15 months incident fee.