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James Newville writes:

> BTW, what's an ethical way to dispose of excess snails?

Well, I can guess at least ONE member of the list who will be voting 
Democrap. :-)

Do you have an ethical dilemma when your windshield drives a junebug's brains 
out its backside?  I had a friend who lost a fiancee the first time she 
watched him feed his oscar.  Come on guys, it's all a part of the food chain. 
 When I get pondsnails from some plant I bring home from the LFS, I don't 
debate the morality of it.  I simply stick my thumb in the tank and start 
smashing the little buggers.  I eliminated all of my MTS by taking everything 
I valued out of the tanks and dumping muriatic acid in until they all 
dissolved.  Is that ethical ?  Gee, I don't know.  It gets the job done, 

Bob Dixon