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Tom Barr writes:

> Ah, another defender of the lowly gastropod! They get and the others
>  (Physa/Ramshorn) get a huge "yes" from myself and always will. I never
>  realized that the "Jury" was still out on this. As a breeder, they are bad
>  pest, but for planted they (all three) kick some algae butt. They have been
>  taking care of algae since I started this plant thing and are always one of
>  main control animals for algae. Tried of Otto's or shrimp dying off? Need a
>  bunch fast? Mr snaily is the answer. Able to clean Rotala wallichii and 
>  grass like no other critter.

I'm not opposed to snails.  I have Venezuelan Ramshorns in my tanks and am 
happy with them.  When I start to get too many, I simply pick out a bunch a 
day for three or four days and feed them to snail-loving loaches in my 
friend's tanks. There are a number of others  I'd like to try, including teh 
Italian red ramshorns and the viviparous snails that I used to keep a a kid 
in Western New York.  Since I don't have access to either of them, I'll stick 
with the ones I have, and I will thank God I finally purged myself of the 
MTS, which I once thought were cool, but not anymore.  To each his own, eh?

Bob Dixon
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