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Any opinion on Perfecto SHO's?

I'm in a quandary about whether to go with a Perfecto SHO light, which is 
*discounted* price at That Pet Place, for about $65, for a 29 gallon, 30 inch 
long tank (55 watt pcf). They are being discontinued, along with Perfecto's 
light bulbs (which they are out of, and can't be gotten at a discount any 
longer). It's not a great price, as compared to Oceanic, even the CSL brand, 
which includes the light bulb. But, it would help in that I don't need to 
worry about any modifications to my existing setup which includes their 
standard hood, and would just replace an ordinary 2 light 40 watt strip. The 
SHO lights from Perfecto are narrow enough to fit on the hood opening which 
also holds the 1 light or 2 light strips. I currently place 1 double strip on 
that opening, and 1 double strip over the open part of the hood. All the red 
plants (_should_ be red & gold) are positioned under this area. Overall I'm 
increasing wattage just a tad, but I'm trying to boost the lighting to those 
plants directly underneath. I understand that because this is a narrower 
strip (approx 4-1/2" wide) it will not reflect as well as these others, 

Anybody out there have any opinion on these lights? Pleased, or do you hate 
them? Wish you bought another manufacturer? Is it worth my while to attempt 
some DIY project to get a top to fit (glass or other) and go with Britelite, 
Oceanic or <shudder> an A&H project?