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Would you believe some were sold on e-bay at a price of $1 each, for 1 dozen? 
I think Ramshorns went for about the same.

From time to time, there are folks looking for some of these to add to their 
aquarium. I was thrilled when I found a hitch-hiker in a bag of fish. From 
one came many, many, many more . . . ditto for a lone ramshorn, who went into 
a different tank.

FWIW, I don't dispose of snails. Even if they're hanging in the filter when I 
wash it out, I throw 'em back in the tank. The numbers are kept in check by 
the amount of waste on the bottom of the tank, probably combined with water 
hardness, and I suspect CO2 to some extent. They seem to populate to a 
certain amount, and then it levels out. It's not like they keep accumulating 
exponentially, though it appears that way, at first. Also, interestingly 
enough, even though I swap plants back and forth, and occasionally even 
snails, the ramshorns dominate one tank (a 29 gal) and the MTS, another (a 55 
gal). I've not yet seen any MTS in the 29 gal or ramshorn in the 55.


> BTW, what's an ethical way to dispose of excess snails? Anyone want to
>  trade some for plants?