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RE: Eggcrate

On Thu, 28 Sep 2000 09:23:30 -0700 "Darrell Roze" <wwn.droze at kermode_net> wrote:

>I have been using eggcrate for a few years.  I did not do it to increase

I would be very interested in reading the original text that was written
describing the use of eggcrate for increasing light.

I think it might be important here to clarify different materials that people
may be collectively labelling eggcrate.

Eggcrate is normally a WHITE plastic grid sheet, 2 x 4' in size.  The
"thickness" of each rib of plastic is the same on either side of the sheet.

This is not the same product as the chromed plastic sheet which features angled
ribs (this is probably the one originally mentioned).  However, they are both
used for light direction *and* diffusion.  In office environments, I have found
neither to promote the intensifying of light directly under the lighting
fixtures.  In all cases light output has been reduced.  Certainly the amount of
stray light is reduced as well - they are very well suited for ths purpose.   I
only have my own empirical data (practical experience and long-term
observation).  Though I do suppose it would not be hard to locate some
scientific and controlled measurements.

I would be in no hurry to add either material to aquarium lighting fixtures.
For fluorescent lighting I would be satisfied with a nice specular reflector,
and for metal halide, a nice diffusing reflector.