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RE: Subject: Tetra EasyBalance

  >Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 23:45:32 -0400
  >From: James E Newville <jnewville at juno_com>
  >Subject: Tetra EasyBalance
  >Does anyone think Tetra's new EasyBalance would be beneficial to planted
  >aquaria? They make lots of claims about the product (See
  >http://www.tetra-fish.com/usquiz/featurebenefits.html), including that
  >using it weekly can reduce the need to do water changes to once in 6
  >months! Another snake skin oil? I still think frequent water changes
  >would benefit plants (to manage micronutrients, for example). But what's
  >in this product and might it be beneficial?
  >Thanks, Jim N

Hi Jim, I cannot answer your questions directly.  But if I have to guess, I
would say that the contents of this product should be rather similar to the
Geo Liquid.  Remember that when GL was first released, their claim of "no
water changes" scared off a lot of aquarists?  It was like a curse, GL never
gained popularity or too much trust from aquarists ever since.  But if this
claim is from a world-known company like Tetra, people tend to attack that
less.  Correct me if I am wrong.  Geo Liquid is from Japan, so is Easy
Balance (yes, I know that Tetra is a German company).  Many years ago, a
special blend of minerals in solid and liquid with suspension forms called
MaiFanShi was very popular in Japan.  The main purpose is to absorb harmful
substances while at the same time release beneficial trace elements.  And
the claim is very very seldom water changes.

I personally think that this blend of minerals works to a certain extent,
but for how long does it work is questionable, I had given a lot of GL &
MaiFanShi samples to friends & customers for their freshwater fish tanks,
but I will still suggest them to perform water changes, maybe less frequent
than usual, but not as long as 6 months apart......  Also, MaiFanShi is
supposedly suitable for both marine & freshwater environment.  But Easy
Balance says for freshwater use only.  Moreover, MFS has a lot of suspended
particles, but I was told that Easy Balance is a clear liquid.  So, there
must be some differences between the two after all.

MaiFanShi is also called Super Zeolite in some Asian countries, and Tetra is
not the only German company which sells a clone of it.  I know of at least
another German company sells a similar product with nearly exact claim.

Edward - m3