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Re: heating cables

At 03:48 AM 9/28/00 -0400, Tom Barr recounted:
>I spoke with Claus of Tropica about this for some time. The amount of
>turnover was actually quite high, perhaps too high for better root growth
>using cables. They did one exhaustive tank experiment on this and found a
>very low rate of turnover for an optimum flow.

I have a 50 gallon tall with two ugf plates, but only one powerhead.   The 
left half of the tank has UGF, the right half does not.   In addition, some 
plants are potted in clear plastic "pots" (bottoms of plastic bottles) with 
no circulation whatever.   All parts of the tank seem to do about equally 
well.  An experimental pot with potting mix in the bottom also did 
well.   I think it may be the CO2 injection and the 4 watts per gallon of 
CF.  Hee hee.

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