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RE: hybrids

" The former provide an interesting biological oddity that occassionally is 
enough to enter the nursery trade, but both are primarily of interest to 
biologists and taxonomists who want to study the organisms in question."

    Brett, my point was that people are part of this chain-of-nature, and by 
pointing out that a biologist is studying  "an interesting biological oddity" 
clearly distinguishes between man and nature., which is a limited view of the 
Nature. Anything that is, is Nature. Even those people who refuse to consider 
themselves part of Nature, ARE PART OF NATURE.
     Think of life as an ever expanding, beautifully diverse, ever twisting, 
exponentially growing, communal village. Why do chromosomes which are simply 
strands of DNA keep making the exact same forms, over and over, literally 
trillions of times? Same reason a Biologist "finds an interesting biological 
oddity" in nature! ROTFL (LOL) 
    The only thing biologically odd about the whole thing, is how man doesn't 
think he's part of the game! It's like a soccer ball being kicked around, 
talking about how "odd" these soccer players are who keep kicking it. Doesn't 
the ball know that it's entire purpose in life is to be kicked around? Of 
course not, it's a soccer ball for crying out loud, it can't think, none the 
less talk, but u may now see how a "interesting biological oddity that may be 
suitable for an aquarium is" Look! A biological Oddity I made when I crossed 
two plants! WOW! he he he 

    I would venture to say that no where outside man's domain (what we would 
normally call "nature") does a place exist like our tanks. Man's view of the 
world around him has always been an interesting thing, always quite barbaric, 
usually misunderstood, and only a few times, are we able to see past our 
limitations, and laugh about the whole thing. 
    I hope we can all laugh, enjoy, and share in this wonderful experience 
that we have in our own homes. It really is the shrine to the world that we 
live in, and it shoudl be treasured for what it really us.

PS. anyone know what Pelicula Ocellaris is? Besides a latin name for a fish, 
and my lisencse plate?  Does anyone know who Ocellars the Biologist was? or 
some one like that?