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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #572

>>>I'm not sure if all
>mail order companies do this but, Aquarium fish puts
>one fish per bag. They said it cut down on their
>casualties. Thanks for the posting<<
>30 fish, one fish per bag! Gad zooks! The shipping charges must have been
>In the six months I was selling SAEs, I shipped over 300 fish. I did not
>have one reported casualty.
>Robert Paul H

The shipping charges they charge customers is a flat $15.75 fee.  What it
actually costs them I"m not sure.  The bags aren't too huge (just enough
water to cover the fish, no more, lots of air).  Apparently, they'd been
shipping SAEs for some time until the weather started warming up this year,
when they started getting about a 10% mortality rate in transit, so the
discontinued shipping until they could figure out what the problem was.

Now, they find that shipping only smaller SAEs with extra O2 fixes the
problem.  The folks who run Aquariumfish.net are pretty committed
experimentalists, so they did trials to figure out what would work (in
conjunction with some of their customers like me).


Doug Karpa Wilson

Department of Biology
Jordan Hall
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405