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Re: Fluoride in City Water

Erik wrote about Fluoride in City Water:
> I live in San Antonio, we do not have flouride in our tap. In a couple of 
> weeks they will vote on flouride in our drinking water. I wanted to know if 
> this will harm my fish. I don't think it will because a lot of citys have it 
> already in the water. Anyone got any ideas?

Erik, I haven't noticed any problems with high fluoride levels 
(~2ppm). I lived on the SC coast for many years and there is 
naturally occurring Fl- in the groundwater. Levels tested around 
2ppm. They didn't have to had it to our town drinking water, the 
levels were high enough. Now that I'm further inland, our water is 
supplied by a lake and added Fl- levels are constantly 1ppm. My 
tanks test 0.7-0.9ppm Fl- all the time. 
I wouldn't worry. At high levels (higher than allowed), you would 
probably fall ill before your fish would. MCLs for drinking water in 
the US is 4ppm with a warning level of 2ppm. However, it's a non-
enforceable regulation ;-). That's the EPA for you...

Jamie    <"\\\><
Greenwood, SC