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Re:Cables again

> Thus we suggest to users, that they use a wattage of cable heater, that can
> NEVER completely attain the temperature they aspire to, and that the "extra"
> needed heat is provided by a usual heater/stat. This standard unit of course
> will be on, to a lesser extent, as the cable heater will contribute some
> heat. However this method ensures that there will be a constant movment of
> the water 24 hrs a day .

Uhhh, what happens when your air temp is over the prescribed cable temp(say
80-82F) like in most of the USA's summers(90F or plus)? It shuts off or
cannot be used unless you have a Dupla air conditioner/heater for the house
as well:)

No heat = no water movement.

Having used cables for many years and built a few(5) along the way, I see
little if any(I haven't seen a definite case yet) benefit to any tank and
they are not cheap, an extra piece of unneeded equipment, waste of
electricity, some other cord to hide etc. Every summer I got a good chance
to see if things grew better or not. No difference IMO.
Simple is good. Amano can do without them just fine as can folks here.
Would anyone like a Dupla 100 cable system complete? It's hard to sell one
when you know they don't do a whole lot:)
Tom Barr