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Re: Tank lifespans.

K9AUB writes:

<snip>> However, since the basic foundation 
>  of the tank is as good today as the day it was made, you might consider 
>  disassembling the tank, scraping out the old putty, clean the glass edges 
>  with Isopropyl Alcohol, and then re-seal the assembly with modern silicone 
>  aquarium cement.  Allow it to dry for several days, then fill it with 
>  The aquarium should be better than new, and should give decades of 
>  service.
Except that the silicone will lose its grip on the slate bottom.  One day you 
will come home to a wet floor and dry fish. :-O 

Replace the slate with glass, twice as thick as the sides, or seal the edges 
of the silicone with an appropriate epoxy, which sill stick to the stone and 
also the silicone.

Bob Dixon