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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #570

At 12:20 AM -0400 9/27/00, Shawn wrote:
>CO2 as used in our hobby, is a gas, and if one speaks to any knowledgeable
>engineer, ( comments posted notwithstanding) they will tell you, that a two
>stage regulator is of no value for the use of CO2. The two stage regulation
>helps to even out the flow of a gas, but in our hobby, the "Gas" is a liquid
>as most of you are aware, so buying the more expensive 2 stage type
>regulators is a waste of money.

This is false. The bottle contains liquid CO2, but its the *gas*
that comes out, not a liquid. Neither single nor two stage regulators
will work with liquid passing through them.


Steve Rogers
@Outcome, Austin TX -- ICQ: 46340238 -- AIM: StevRocket