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Magnum extension with PVC

Hello all,

I'm looking to extend the effluent tube from my Magnum 350 down another
twelve to fifteen inches to avoid the present surface aggitation. I'd
like to hear from anyone who has come up with a neat solution. I could
put together an extension from PVC. It is the connection to the return
tube that is tricky.

I know that PVC colour was recently discussed. Is white the only safe
and appropriate grade to use? I've seen gray and black. The former is
labelled "only for indoors; the latter, only for outdoors." Where is the
best place to obtain the parts?

One item that hasn't been discussed to my knowledge in the APD is long
term effect (Is there one?) of too high temperatures. The temperature
in my large tank is 82 F to 88 F. Some of the plants appear to suffer
leaf damage, chlorosis, and symptoms similar to potassium and magnesium
deficiencies. On the other hand it may be something else.