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RE: Dana Riddle Article - October FAMA

> I just read the Dana Riddle article on how Eggcrate can increase the
> > lighting in a tank by 25% 
> <snip>
> > Anyone have any experience with this or have any
> > thoughts?
I've found lime and other buildup on my glass tops 
that do decrease light into the tank.  My glass tops
get really hot, too (from the lights).  I've shifted to 
open top tanks, or eggcrate tops on the tanks with 
fish that are depressed and may want to jump.

I didn't like the metallic-coated eggcrate (it chips),
but the regular eggcrate is nice (it still gets brittle
when it's old).  My evaporation is as high as no 
top (and it's arid out here), but the light fixture goes 
right on it (fluorescent, I don't have MH), and it gives 
me the benefit that I can cut "holes" in the top for 
rooting terrestrial plants in my tanks (this is a 
really nice effect.)

I've gotten used to the evaporation.  Since it's harder
to cool the tank than heat it, I accept the constant
evaporation, and it may be better in the Summer

Yes, I think the 25% increase is real.  If you are
bad about cleaning the glass top (I know I am), 
I think it's actually more than that.  ;-))