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Check Valve (for water flow)

In my 75g setup, I'm using a sump under the main tank, with a submersible pump
to return the water up to the main tank.   When it comes time to do filter
maintenance, I unplug the pump, and the overflow continues to drain the wate in
the tank until it's below the overflow box.  

BUT!  Some water drains backwards back down to the pump from the spray bar.  I've
got a several small holes right at the top of the spraybar (which is completely
submerged) to prevent much water from syphoning back down, but the small amount 
of water that does carries gunk down into the normally "clean" side of the sump.

I've currently got a ball-valve that I use to block the flow from the spray bar
to the pump whenever I do planned maintenance, but I'd like to find some kind
of simply check valve that could do the job.   Even a simple gravity operated
valve would work.  I don't want something that is going to effect the flow
rate from the pump.

Anyone know where I could find a checkvalve like this?