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CO2 regulators & Heating cables.

To all Actwiners,
                  I have noticed these last weeks a couple of threads I
would like to comment upon.

All this talk about CO2 regulators, by persons, who in at least one case(
personal communication) have to this date not used one.

CO2 as used in our hobby, is a gas, and if one speaks to any knowledgeable
engineer, ( comments posted notwithstanding) they will tell you, that a two
stage regulator is of no value for the use of CO2. The two stage regulation
helps to even out the flow of a gas, but in our hobby, the "Gas" is a liquid
as most of you are aware, so buying the more expensive 2 stage type
regulators is a waste of money.

Two gauge regulators is another matter. The first gauge will tell you the
presure remaining in the CO2 cyl, & thus advise one, when time is getting
near for a refill. As this time approaches the it will become increasingly
necessary to manipulate your regulator and needle valve, which in a full to
25% full cylinder should hardly ever ne required. The second gauge will
inform one of the output pressure. We in Aquarium Landscapes, typically use
on a single 75 gal. tank an output pressure of 2-3 psi. 

The other thread I noticed was a reference to our cable heater, as sold by
Pet Warehouse and others. 
The purpose of a cable heater is to bring constantly , new water full of the
needful nutrients to the roots of the plants, therefore if one uses it with
a thermostat, so that it can be in the "off" position about half the time,
then no new nourishment is obtained during this time. 

Thus we suggest to users, that they use a wattage of cable heater, that can
NEVER completely attain the temperature they aspire to, and that the "extra"
needed heat is provided by a usual heater/stat. This standard unit of course
will be on, to a lesser extent, as the cable heater will contribute some
heat. However this method ensures that there will be a constant movment of
the water 24 hrs a day .

We will shortly have a model that is low voltage, and if some people are not
convinced by my explanations, we will also be able to provide for this new
model as well as for the current models we sell a dialable thermostat. 

Hope these comments are useful to some of you.

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hard to rectify, but this company, it seems is only interested in taking
one's money, not in providing service.

Our other web address will lead you without problems to our web site. 

Happy Planting.

Shawn Prescott


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